SidHustl Team just made $55 selling a Galaxy S6

We just sold an Galaxy S6 cell phone for $200.  These are currently listed on our site for $145.  +$55 profit and we only had the phone listed for less than 8 hours!

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Boost Your Sales By 50% or More With Facebook Marketplace

If you are only listing your items on Craigslist then you are missing out on a huge community of buyers.  It is absolutely vital that you are posting your items for sale on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Garage Sales.  Below is a tutorial that will show you how to post an ad on Facebook Marketplace. 

Facebook Marketplace Tutorial

In addition to the Facebook Marketplace you should explore Facebook Garage Sale groups in your area.  Search for these in the Groups section.  If you are from New York you would search "New York Garage Sale".  Become members of as many of these groups as you can which will allow you to post ads in their groups and dramatically increase your sales!

Huge Profit From Diamond Ring

We had a member send us a picture of the cash they made after selling an $80 ring on Facebook.  Amazing job!  Keep up the great work. That ring is still for sale HERE... 


3 Galaxy S6's Out the Door Today

All sold on Craigslist today and all for $200.  Usually a good mix of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace/Garage Sale, but today Craigslist was the champion.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.

It is vitally important to have great looking pictures of your products when selling in local markets.  Think about it like your online dating profile you just throw the first picture up that you find, or do you really try to put the best picture out there.  The people who are searching for items online are scanning the pictures THEN reading the descriptions, not the other way around.  Make sure your pictures are clean, crisp, and make your item look its shiny best!

A Note About Inventory and Product Selection

We are getting a lot of questions regarding product selection and how it changes.  We are always working on ways to source new products at prices that make it feasible to profit from in local markets and that are also in high demand in local markets.  The best thing for you to do is check back to the site frequently for new product updates and join our email list to make sure you never miss a product launch.


We just locked in a $130 profit on a $70 diamond ring!  Thats right, we sold one of the diamond rings listed here on the site for $70 to a nice who paid $200 for it.  This item was listed for almost a week, but totally worth the wait!